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110. Where the Far Left Meets the Far Right
Episode 11023rd June 2022 • Reading Aloud • Marisol and Adam Colette
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Is it a political spectrum or is it a political circle? After Marisol posted on social media about the wellness and yoga community being a part of the insurrection at the Capital on January 6th she received a lot of feedback and comments surrounding the extremism that can be found in the wellness community. Adam describes this idea of a political circle, where the further you dig, you will eventually find common ground with someone digging from the other side. In the same way we see political moderates find commonality on an array of issues, political extremists from both ends, find their commonality as well. Marisol and Adam dig deep into the commonality surrounding vaccine decisions and conspiracies with the far right and far left and how their privileged identities have played a role in their information literacy and want for community health.

Guardian Article: the dark side of wellness

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