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FFP Member Stories: The Power of Mindset & Motivation on a Weight Loss Transformation
Episode 1021st July 2021 • Fit Father Project Podcast • Fit Father Project
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This podcast episode is one that I personally loved recording, and am super excited to share with you today. My guest is Jeff Shipman, who won 2nd place in our 2021 transformation contest, winning $3,000.

Jeff has an amazing story, which involves his entire family. If there was one man who optimizes the Fit Father Project ethos, Jeff is that man. Jeff has led his wife and 3 teenage children into a healthier lifestyle through his transformation journey.

Jeff and I discuss how he got started with the FFP, how he found motivation from his middle son's battle with cystic fibrosis, and what his long-term plans are now that he has made such an important change in his, and his family's lives.

By listening to Jeff’s story, you’ll learn:

  • How mindset and personal drive is just as important as exercise and nutrition
  • Why accountability and support from your inner circle makes such a difference
  • What life lessons can come from your body transformation experience  
  • How taking the long view on choices can help you change your lifestyle for good

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