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Taking the Dread Out of Employee Termination
Episode 2618th January 2022 • Small Business Wakeup Call • Small Business Virtual Roundtables
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Every business owner faces it, the dreaded duty that they, especially, and even their managers, share… namely, saying Sayonara, Adios, Auf Wiedersehen, Ciao, or simply “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.”

However you say it and no matter what the conditions, even the most tough-minded of owners dread dealing with it… even when it’s way overdue and 300% justified.

In this episode, our hosts, Lonnie Sciambi and Stan Simkins, also known, respectively, as “The Entrepreneur’s Yoda” and “The Family Biz Doc” will talk about not the whole process of terminating an employee, but the ripple effect it has on the “terminator” and the surrounding staff. 

They’ll show you that as ugly as terminations can be, most of the time they can be avoided by having a solid recruiting, evaluation and selection process.  But too often, even if the processes are in place, in the interest of filling a position, short cuts are taken.

They’ll give you some guidance on how to make sure you address their behavioral and performance issues early in the game, or if they suddenly arise, how to address why and what you can do to help the employee get back on the right path.

We invite you to enjoy this session with your personal tour guides to business freedom, the dynamic duo of Stan Simkins and Lonnie Sciambi. And, as always, they’ll regale you with war stories, that both carry a solid message, lesson or may bring a chuckle or two

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