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DIJ S3 E7: Charging People to Breathe
Episode 726th August 2023 • Dive-In-Justice • Shadiin Garcia & Delma Jackson
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Our hosts check in about the start of the school year so Delma can complain about having to start getting up earlier and getting organized again. They take a moment to reminisce about his Aunt Emma as she transitions into "the pantheon of ancestors." Shadiin reflects on what it means to be tough, the trauma we navigate to get there, and what our kids gain and lose in the process of protecting them from it.

Our fearless hosts then welcome our first guest of the season: Jonah Canner! A long time friend, colleague, teacher, and practitioner, Jonah joins us to discuss what it means to do this work while loving ourselves, the work, and each other. He discusses how he makes decisions about when to hold his position and when to fold and walk away (if not be escorted out).





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