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Middle School Mean Girls
Episode 2491st August 2023 • Mastermind Parenting Podcast • Randi Rubenstein
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Sometimes a Mastermind parent struggles with an issue that’s so damn relatable, we can’t help but share it. If you’ve lived through the middle school years, you’ve probably seen your kid struggle with changing social dynamics, and rejection by kids who used to be their friends. It’s not only heartbreaking to watch, but our instinct to protect often only makes things worse. The key to helping them through this emotionally challenging stage of life is helping them face it on their terms.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to cultivate the trusting environment your child needs to feel comfortable with sharing when peers are mistreating them.
  • Why your kiddo might have some sympathy for the person bullying them, and why you should, too.
  • Physical activities for combating stress and helping kids open up.
  • The similarities between the embodied experience of physical and emotional pain.

And much more! 

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Randi Rubenstein helps parents with a strong-willed kiddo become a happier family and enjoy the simple things again, like bike rides and beach vacays.

She’s the founder of Mastermind Parenting, host of the Mastermind Parenting podcast, and author of The Parent Gap. Randi works with parents across the U.S.

At Mastermind Parenting, we believe every human deserves to have a family that gets along.

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