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EXCEPTIONAL PODCASTS: How to find and hire your next podcast manager with Stephanie Judice
Episode 1217th November 2021 • The Dreamer's Manual • Julie Calcote
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Now that you’ve decided to host and publish your very own podcast, how do you find an amazing podcast manager?

In this episode Stephanie Judice shares all her wisdom and expertise on backend podcast production and management, and her experience with serving clients, aligning your vision with your podcast, and monetizing mindfully. Her hot takes are going to be so valuable for online service providers and entrepreneurs who want to start or grow their podcast or start an agency. 

Stephanie is the CEO of a podcast production agency that works primarily with female coaches, consultants, and course creators to help them launch their podcast and provide ongoing management services. She’s a systems gal like me, and her organizational and design skills helped her bootstrap her business from home and grow it into a thriving agency serving clients across the US.

We talk about:

  • The good, the bad, and the googlable- What it looked like going from real estate agent to online VA, to podcast manager and scaling to CEO of a full-service podcast production agency. 

  • The benefits of mentorship and coaching to get clear on a path to success.

  • The 20/80 rule for building and nurturing your podcast audience.

  • How to be a great client and set your podcast manager up for success.

  • An idea of the specific range of podcast managing costs depending on what you need, and how hands-on or off you want to be.





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