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INVESTTHIS - Scott Bower 31st October 2019
INVESTTHIS EP 87: Revolutionary Real Estate CRM System
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INVESTTHIS EP 87: Revolutionary Real Estate CRM System

I’m so excited to share with you a cutting-edge real estate CRM system that will change your life!

Real estate CRM systems are integral to any investors’ business, but they can also be extremely frustrating. On today’s show, you will learn about an innovative system that was carefully built by a real estate investor that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Robert Syfert, is the Founder of InvestorPO, a CRM system that focuses on a more personal connection with lead automation while also automating all tasks so that investors can focus on building relationships and closing deals. He is also the Founder of USA Portfolio Real Estate, which offers the best turnkey real estate opportunities to investors across the nation and is considered one of the leading experts in the field of turnkey real estate investing. As a former member of the Real Estate World Wide Academy (REWW), he specialized in showing investors how to invest long distance, manage properties, raise capital, and maximize their investing dollars.

On today’s show, Robert will detail how InvestorPro works and how it is different than any other CRM system out on the market. He also discusses REI Touch, software that will enable investors to never lose another lead. We also discuss the challenges and triumphs of creating a software business and how to build a superior team.


Tip of the Day:

Ask a great question, you will get a great answer. -Robert Syfert

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