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Behind Every Package is a Patient featuring Jim Mullins
Episode 98314th September 2022 • Supply Chain Now • Supply Chain Now
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Operating a growing business can be a challenge – a wonderful challenge, but a challenge all the same. Growing pains are par for the course, but when growing through acquisition is core to the business’ strategy, managing transitions and integrations well is absolutely critical.

Jim Mullins is the Senior Vice President of Global Supply Chain at Henry Schein, the world's largest provider of health care products and services to office-based dental and medical practitioners. They acquire 12-15 companies per year and have done so for as long as Jim can remember.

In this interview, Jim speaks with Scott Luton and Greg White about:

• How Henry Schein is investing in and leveraging technology to manage their large and growing supply chain

• Why he believes so strongly in the importance of mentorship and participating in cross functional projects

• How the Henry Schein team approaches the integration of newly acquired companies to ensure the intended value is achieved

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