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103. How A Billionaire's Mindset Can Transform Your Business: Key Takeaways From Necker Island (part 1)
10th July 2024 • Women On The Rise with Jen Blandos - Powered By Female Fusion • Jen Blandos
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Join us for an exclusive peek into Richard Branson’s world as Jen unpacks 5 transformative lessons learned during a week-long retreat on Necker Island.

Discover how Richard’s billionaire mindset and practices can change your approach to business, from embracing audacious "moonshot" ideas to prioritising health and the importance of telling your story. Perfect for female entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses and cultivate a success-oriented mindset.

Episode Highlights:

• Learn how to think big with "moonshots" and why they're crucial for business growth

• Discover the importance of prioritizing health and fitness in your entrepreneurial journey

• Understand the power of storytelling and why every entrepreneur should write their own book

• Explore Richard Branson's unique approach to employee management and criticism

• Find out why embracing failure is essential for long-term success in business



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