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Real Life Weight Loss - Corey Little EPISODE 123, 27th April 2021
Motivation, Commitment, and Consistency
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Motivation, Commitment, and Consistency

Today I share my recent struggles with motivation. What? You thought people like me stayed motivated all the time?! Ha! 100% not true. If you’ve experienced a lack of motivation, then you’ll probably appreciate my story. Plus we get into how commitment and consistency play into the whole equation. 


See ... these 3 (motivation, commitment, and consistency) typically get bunched together. But they’re VERY different. One is overrated. One is the secret to anything you want in life. And the other is the absolutely essential prerequisite.

Today I explain all three and then I give you the secret behind the secret - 3 secrets to achieving consistency … which, let’s be honest can be super tough!

Grab your pad and pen and let’s do this!


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