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Around the House with Eric G® - Eric Goranson EPISODE 1071, 30th December 2020
Mid Week Special: How to build a DIY wood range hood 12 30 2020
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Mid Week Special: How to build a DIY wood range hood 12 30 2020

On the interweb there has been a trend over the last few months of people wanting to build their own designer vent hoods for their range or cooktop. There are a bunch of things you need to consider when you are doing this as you don’t want to burn your house down with a simple mistake. Here are my tips and tricks for how to build one of these monsters.

Today we will talk about how to find the good ones and the process you need to follow to get from start to finish. We would also like to thank our new sponsor NaturalSof and Solo Sales Company. To find out more you can find them here! Tell them Eric G sent you! https://www.solosalescompany.com/

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