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Ep 43: Should I Quit My Podcast?
Episode 435th September 2023 • The Lazy Girl's Guide to Podcasting: Podcasting Tips for How to Start and Run a Podcast • Verity Sangan
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Are you thinking of quitting your podcast? In this episode, we explore the taboo topic of wanting to quit or take a break from podcasting. Quitting your podcast doesn't equate to failure, but it's important to consider your reasons for wanting to quit before you actually give up your podcast.

I'll discuss the common reasons why podcasters give up podcasting, such as a lack of immediate results or effective strategies. We also talk about the attrition rate of podcasters, with many quitting before their eighth episode due to unrealistic expectations and time commitments.

I'll then go through six signs that indicate it might be time to quit, including loss of passion, running out of quality content, and feeling overwhelmed. Instead of quitting outright, we'll also discuss taking a break from podcasting to re-evaluate your podcasting goals and strategies.

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