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The LAWS of Harmonious Living with Mark Jewell
Episode 5824th August 2022 • The Untamed Life • Christine Jewell
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Today I am joined by my lover, amazing husband, and ultimate adventure buddy, Mark as we record this episode from a treehouse in Mexico! We are diving into the conversation around prosperity consciousness, becoming more than OK with enjoying ALL of life without guilt and what harmonious living means for us.

I believe this is a critical conversation that more of us need to be having if we truly want to experience what God has in store for us. Too many of us are finding ourselves in the tension between GUILT and JOY, mostly focused on what is missing, what is wrong, or what we don't want.

We strive, chase and focus on the future so we can ‘finally’ experience something. Then when we get there we can’t relax! We want peace but are so programmed to be anxious which is completely out of alignment with harmony. We have been convinced that no matter where we are, there is something more important happening somewhere else or that somehow we do not deserve the gifts we are given!  This is insanity.

What does life look like when we are moving WITH life, in harmony with it and with each other as co-creators, instead of fighting against it? Is it possible that work can also be PLAY? We say yes! Join us in this convo…

In this episode we unpack:

  • How we lean in to the place of receptiveness
  • Why it’s our duty to receive fully and ENJOY it all
  • Looking at our Triggers and the stories we love to tell and repeat
  • The equation we have FLIPPED on it’s head when it comes to ‘success’
  • How do you “imprint” the feeling of abundant living?
  • The power of a genuine THANK YOU
  • The tactical things we are doing inside our home to create more harmony

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