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Health Equity - The Color Crisis
Episode 527th October 2021 • Sisters Saving Sisters Podcast - Conversations that Heal • Nicole Robinson
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In this episode, Dr. Nicole Robinson and her cohost, trauma therapist Simmone Kilgore, introduces us to Saffiyah Poole. She is a public health professional who has a degree in Cultural Anthropology from Howard University. She has a Master’s Degree in Public Health from St. Louis University and a Master’s Degree in Health Care Administration from Webster University. Her main focus is to create an equitable health outcome for those at the margins.

Today, they all talk about the crisis facing people of color. One of the topics they talk about is Health Equity which is an important topic especially for those who are not getting the best health outcomes. They share their personal experiences with various topics relating to fairness and equality and how it affects people of color nowadays. It’s important to understand what each of us is facing in our lives. 

Episode Highlights

06:26 When you hear “health equity”, it is the need of everyone. Giving everyone exactly what they need in order to have the best health outcomes. 

10:03 When you have that one size fits all approach, it is the reason why our society is where it is today. 

11:06 People are tired of hearing about racism and things of that nature but racism is real. 

23:48 It is perceived that we, black women, handle a diagnosis of stage four breast cancer twice very differently than all other women. 

26:48 You can advocate until you’re blue in the face with a provider that does not look like you, but you’re still receiving inadequate care and you still walk away feeling unsafe. 

27:34 It’s really important to be armored with knowledge and information, to be aware of what you’re up against as an individual. 

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