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Rappers Over Thirty - Steven Laws EPISODE 2, 3rd December 2020
ROT 002 A Way Of Life with Ellay Khule

ROT 002 A Way Of Life with Ellay Khule

In this episode:

The “Rappers Over Thirty” podcast host “Imp the Great” shares a few eating, exercise, music business, and killing Willie Lynch Syndrome tips. He tells a few stories about his special guest "Ellay Khule" before playing the pre-recorded interview.

The song played on this episode are “Cheated Death” and "PEACE" by Ellay Khule. Both songs are featured on the "Speech Therapy" album available here.

See "Cheated Death" music video here.

Ellay Khule a.k.a Rifleman is an emcee vet in the rap game. As a solo artist and a member of the groups "Hip Hop Klcan" and "Goodlife Bullyz" he's still relevant after years of hard work.

Originating from the "GoodLife" and "Project Blowed" open-mic nights in Los Angeles. This emcee has released over twenty solo projects and has a multitude of guest appearances and group projects.

Ellay Khule can produce, mix, and master music. He directs music videos and works on short films. He's launched a music and apparel company "Cali Classics" a fashion and lifestyle brand.

For more information on "Ellay Khule" visit www.EllayKhule.com

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