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S2E24 - The Two Types of Podcast Ad Formats
Episode 2428th June 2022 • The PodCASH Show • Pod Kai Media
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Show Summary: “Remember that considering which podcast ad format is essential because this is what sponsors usually ask, and you need to know which one is suitable for your show and for that brand.”

In the past episodes we discussed the importance of sponsors in terms of podcast monetization and as well as creating authentic connections with both your listeners and your brand partners. 

Now that you have interested sponsors, you need to know the different structures of incorporating your ads into your episode. Where and when do you insert the ads? These are very important details to learn to sustain the natural flow of your show. 

Join me in this episode to distinguish the difference between the two kinds of podcast ad formats, the baked-in and the dynamically inserted ads. Figure out if you want something organically permanent for your show or something more precisely integrated into the episode. Listen and learn that the right kind and right placement of ads matter too in creating consistent podcast content. 

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Exceptional Highlights:

Who needs to learn about podcast ad formats?

Kai 1:27

  • Podcast ad formats are for CPM based sponsorship model, meaning you should have at least 1000 downloads per episode. Having 1000 downloads and more will give you sponsorship opportunities with more aligned brands.

What are baked-in ads?

Kai 3:07

  • Baked-in Ads are essentially woven throughout the episode content and stay there forever, meaning it is part of the content.

Kai 4:36

  • That's why it's called baked-in because you're baking your review within the content, which makes it more organic and authentic by simply talking about it.

What are dynamically inserted ads?

Kai 4:56

  • Dynamically inserted ads get recorded at a different period or time. 

Kai 5:20

  • It is inserted in the post-production when you are already editing your episode, then you decide which is the best ad placement for it, and that is where you insert it.

Kai 6:38

  • Dynamically inserted ads can be removed anytime, depending on your sponsor agreement. 

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