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238. How to Create Boundaries & Reclaim your Unicorn Space with Eve Rodsky #FabulousFriends
Episode 23824th February 2023 • Be Well by Kelly Leveque • Kelly Leveque
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Today's guest is Eve Rodsky. She wrote the book Fair Play: A Game-Changing Solution for When You Have Too Much to Do (and More Life to Live), which gamifies the life management system to help partners and families reimagine their relationships. She's elevated the cultural conversation about the value of unpaid labor and care, and provides a system that trades in assumptions for values based decision-making. 

Asking the simple, yet profound question, “what would happen if we treated our homes as our most important organization?” Eve’s New York Times bestselling book was one of Reese's book club picks, followed by an award-winning documentary and book sequel “Find Your Unicorn Space: How to Reclaim Your Creative Life in a Too Busy World.”

We also cover…

00:02:08 — Bringing Awareness to the ‘Invisible Work’ Conversation

  • Household inequalities that prevent us from exploring our creative space
  • Going from a lawyer to a gender division of labor expert
  • Her dreams of smashing glass ceilings to feeling emotionally and physically abandoned at work and at home
  • The start of her Fair Play journey after becoming a mother of two
  • Learning that 93% of household work is done by mothers
  • Why invisible work remains unseen for late stage capitalist patriarchy to continue
  • Pushing for equality in the school system 

00:11:40 – Quantifying the “Sh*t I do” Spreadsheets for Maternal tasks

  • Dispelling the conditioned belief placed on mothers to manage the household
  • Create an ownership mindset with Fair Play cards
  • How the ‘lead dad’ movement started creating more connection in their lives
  • Turning the mom and dad job description into an even playing field 
  • Kelly’s take on her non-traditional household & addressing mom guilt
  • Sharing the Magic Suit (invisible workload)
  • Checking in with your partner to divide up the workload
  • How taking ownership and accountability for mistakes creates new relationship dynamics

00:24:35 — Setting Boundaries, Systems, and Communication in the Home 

  • Learning to treat your home as the most important organization
  • Applying her project management skills to her own home
  • Setting boundaries around your ‘availability’ as a mother
  • “Why did I have to earn my own personal time?”
  • The generational disconnect: from selfless to selfish
  • Women’s time being infinite like sand, and men’s time being finite like diamonds
  • Changing the narrative that has led us to become compliant in our own oppression

00:38:08 — Protecting Your Unicorn Space

  • 3 exercises to create curiosity, connection, and completion
  • Defining your guilt & shame 
  • Setting up your Unicorn Space by outlining your values
  • Creating the system behind setting boundaries
  • Why stripping your values strips you of yourself
  • Honoring your partner’s creative space
  • Trade in assumptions for value-based decision making with Fair Play & Unicorn Space
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