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The Difference Between Client Needs & Client Wants
Episode 2919th January 2023 • Best Practice in Accounting • Rob Brown
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It's the "Best Practice in Accounting" show, usually going out every Thurs to 150 countries and 30,000 accounting practitioners, fintech specialists and influencers in the accountancy, CPA and bookkeeping space. However, in Jan 2023 we are phasing out this show and putting out this content on our sister Success in Accounting Show which hopefully you're already subscribed to.

In today's episode 29, "The Difference Between Client Needs & Client Wants"

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Rob Brown and Will Farnell discuss new book 'The Human Firm', how accounting firms can differentiate beyond technology and the importance of good client conversations.

» how an accountant's relationship with their clients has been lost over the years

» why so much of what accounting firms do is easily replicated, so there is really only one way for a firm to differentiate

» the main obligations of accountants in explaining why certain things are important for their clients

» what leads clients of accounting firms to get confused between what they want and what they really need

» the problems that occur when accountants have blind spots in their offerings and their clients also don't know what is on offer

» how some accounting clients are lost to competition because their current advisors don't help them enough

» what really works for accountants to fully meet their client demands, especially with a better KYC process

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