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Embracing New Beginnings: Sarah Jane Smith Lyons on Grief and Building a Fulfilling Life
Episode 6717th July 2023 • Live Your Life, Not Your Diagnosis • Andrea W. Hanson : Author & Master Coach
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“Life isn't going to look like I wanted it to. I'm not able to have the child that I wanted, but who knows what's next? And it's clear I can't go on like I am. Maybe it's time to find new possibilities.” - Sarah Jane Smith

Sarah Jane Smith Lyons is an embodiment teacher and mindset coach who helps fellow childless not by choice women integrate grief, amplify agency and embody possibility.

During her career as yoga teacher, Sarah Jane taught strength and resilience to her students. When she developed fibroids and had multiple pregnancy losses, Sarah Jane found herself navigating deep grief and figuring out how to find fulfillment in her life again.

She eventually brought what she learned through her own journey of being childless not by choice to her yoga classes and beyond. She now helps other women who are childless not by choice find strength in their own grieving and create an empowering life.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Gaining insights into the emotional and psychological benefits of practicing Yoga.
  • Dealing with society's expectations of how all women should be mothers and how to handle the dreaded question, "So, do you have children?"
  • Letting go of society’s expectations and changing the narrative.
  • Infusing yoga-inspired wisdom into your daily life for holistic wellness.

Connect with Sarah Jane:

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Connect with Andrea:

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