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Navigating the Sustainable Marketing Compass - a dedicated Strategic Framework - Paul Randle & Alexis Eyre
4th August 2022 • The Marketing Society podcast • The Marketing Society podcast
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“If you didn’t have a marketing budget but you still had the same KPIs what would you do?” 

Great question… and one we explore further with founders of the Sustainable Marketing Compass, Alexis Eyre and Paul Randle.

We learn how the question… ‘Daddy is your job good for the environment?’ - led Paul to join the 8 week Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership course, where he met fellow marketer, Alexis Eyre. Determined to be part of the solution, rather than the problem, they recognised that marketing has a lot to add when it comes to behaviour change and using its skills, creativity and influence as a force for good. They also recognised that many of the traditional marketing tools and frameworks focus purely on commercial performance, and no consideration for environmental and societal performance - and so set out to bridge that vital gap with the development of their Sustainable Marketing Compass, a strategic framework that supports marketers step-by-step to reframe, rethink and reorientate marketing - driving creativity and innovation back into the heart of marketing.

There’s so much good stuff covered in this episode - it’s bursting with insight, enthusiasm, passion and useful takeaways. We talk about the parallels of digital transformation, about brand and disconnection, what marketing was, has become and what sustainable marketing is and most certainly isn’t.

There are some great examples shared around how marketers and brands are already rethinking their approach - getting out of treading water in the sea of sameness of performance or activated marketing, and instead or alongside, building solutions and services that truly consider the needs and painpoints of audiences, whilst differentiating and innovating.

We also touch on the impact of ‘brainprint’ - and how brands and marketers, need to consider the end to end societal and environmental impact of their campaigns and messaging - and how new benchmarks and measures of success need to be ingrained for healthier outcomes all round. Leading us to a key point of how sustainable marketing isn’t about marketing a sustainable message, but rather embedding sustainability into every single marketing decision and impact.

As the smart duo shares…

“It’s going to take radical transformation to make sustainable marketing work… start thinking properly transformational and properly innovative.”

It’s challenging but exciting times for marketers for sure - tune into this wonderfully insightful conversation… lots to learn - and be sure to go check out their Sustainable Marketing Compass to get started with your strategic planning. (You’ll find this in our Learning Zone too).

More information about Alexis and Paul and their Sustainable Marketing Company here:

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