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E298 - If you’re ready to scale your side hustle and grow your business, you must overcome your fears first! | with Leah Gervais
Episode 2983rd January 2023 • The One Big Tip Podcast with Jeff Mendelson • Everyone has that One Big Tip!
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Leah Gervais is a revolutionary business coach who turned a side hustle into a full-size business that earns six figures monthly. She is passionate about helping her clients prioritize their dreams. Leah founded Urban20Something - her first side hustle blog, helping younger professionals successfully scale an online side hustle to the point of it exceeding the usual 9-5 job. Leah saw the true potential of working on her passion and dedicated her life to helping others do the same.

Teaching her clients not to let fear paralyze them and giving them the tools to conquer their goals. An entrepreneur at heart Leah’s story began when she was a paralegal in New York but then realized that she didn't actually want to continue on the path of law. She didn't know what else she wanted to do, feeling paralyzed by her fears. She eventually declined her law school acceptances and decided to start a blog, writing about her experience being a millennial in New York City trying to find her way. 

Having a clear audience to connect with, as it was a common phenomenon for millennials to graduate from school but doing it out of default, or societal conditioning, rather than knowing what they wanted to do. By passing law school she was having impostor syndrome about starting a blog, not feeling like she had the authority to share any wisdom. Now understand the secret: Stop trying to quiet the voice of fear. People are looking for ways to silence it. But it never really goes away. She still experiences it at times, but is now more intimately familiar with it and will not let it stop her.

Now helping entrepreneurs to take that leap and understand that they don’t need to know their zone of genius before moving forward. Her entry-level program ‘scale your side hustle’, is typically for people that are still doing their nine-to-five. The phenomenon in entrepreneurship that paralyzes people is looking for a single strategy, a secret of some sort. As someone who has built a 7-figure business and helped clients go from zero to 7-figures, the secret is action. 

When you're looking to get to a new income level, a really good place to start is to look at how to grow your audience. Everyone starts with zero followers and the best thing to do is tell yourself in a caring way that you've made it this far, putting part of yourself out there, getting better with every client that you serve, and using your emotional intelligence to do introspection.

Multiple six-figure revenues is where many feel they really hit their stride. That entrepreneurship has many glamorized associations, whether it's traveling, living in a beautiful house, or buying nice things. The much deeper and more enjoyable thing is how you live your day-to-day life. There need to come a time when you don't hustle as hard as you did in the beginning, getting to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Honoring the life that you have, not just how much you can cram into a day, but getting to that level of sustainable success. 

In this episode:

[02:07] Leah shares her background and how her story began 

  • After being accepted into law school and realizing it’s not what she wanted to do
  • Started a blog about her experience as a millennial in New York City finding her way
  • Having impostor syndrome and not feel like she had the authority to share any wisdom

[08:19] You don’t need to know your zone of genius before moving forward

  • How everyone is looking for that key to success
  • As someone who has built a seven-figure business, the secret is to take action

[12:09] What Leah’s program looks like and the actions that should be taken

  • Putting your action and energy toward visibility and reaching audience growth
  • Not to get stuck in that dangerous cycle of doubt

[14:30] Leah shares a success story of one of her clients

  • How this client could leave her 9-5 for her side hustle
  • Hitting a $230,000 month

[19:55] There should be longevity in coaching people that align with you 

  • The value of coaching is having someone hold you accountable
  • What happens after you have found business success