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Create Accountability, Stop Spoon Feeding
Episode 6919th May 2023 • The Profitable Tradie Podcast • Tony Fraser-Jones
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How many of your days are full of disruptions?

With you getting pulled in each and every direction by everyone needing something different.

Your time is chewed up by your team not dealing with things on their own.

It seems like they won’t even wipe their own rearend without asking you how to do it…

And getting your express permission to do.

Sure, some of your guys might not be that confident or switched on.

But that shouldn’t just let them off the hook when you can still avoid those muck arounds.

All you need to do is create accountability.

It sounds like hard work, but if you’ve got a plan to follow it’s a lot simpler.

We can’t come in and get your guys to take some accountability in their work.

But we can give you a system to do it yourself.

Let’s get into it.



  • The 4 key parts to creating accountability in your team
  • Improved performance and productivity from your team
  • Understanding the two accountability reasons and how it effects the winners on your team
  • A higher standard of behavior from your team
  • Creation of a better environment for development of leaders


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