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Billion-Dollar B2B: Sahir Azam of MongoDB Talks Product Evolution, Atlas, and Refining Go-to-Market
Episode 221st October 2021 • Billion-Dollar B2B • Battery Ventures
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It used to be cool to build a B2B software company to a hundred million in revenue, but you know what is cool now? Scaling a B2B tech company to a billion dollars in annual recurring revenue, and potentially a market value of 50 billion, or even a hundred billion! Welcome to the Billion-Dollar B2B Podcast, a show where your host, Dharmesh Thakker, breaks down the secrets to a cloud-first, business-to-business tech company in today's fast-paced market.

On this episode, Dharmesh is joined by Sahir Azam, Chief Product Officer at MongoDB, to talk about the fast paced evolution of the B2B environment and dynamics, the best practices around pricing, demand generation and sales, and the two factors that will ultimately determine if a business is truly scalable. If you want to learn more about building scalable businesses, B2B technology and how to better navigate a $75 billion market, this episode is definitely for you!

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00:35 - The 500 million business: On the astounding evolution of the B2B ecosystem - “We're in one of those once in a generation sort of platform shifts, software is eating the world.”

02:20 - On Sahir’s career trajectory and the evolution of MongoDB’s market strategy - “Even from the early days, we constructed both a product roadmap and a go-to-market strategy that allowed us to think about the entirety of the $75 billion market that we're going after.”

09:22 - The rise of Atlas: Why a transformation mindset is key to building a scalable business - “It's not just a new product or a new skew that we're launching, this is really a company business model transformation.”

15:02 - Open source vs cloud product and Sahir’s philosophy around pricing - “There's a dichotomy from who monetizes and buys the technology versus who's actually the one benefiting from the true result of the foundational open source technology. With SAS, those things become aligned.”

22:52 - On MongoDB’s best practices around demand generation - “We’re in a massive market, so to be able to reach the entirety of that market we need multiple ways of monetizing and interacting with customers.”

30:06 - The secrets behind an effective and engaged sales team, and the importance of building strategic relationships with competitors - “​​You’ve got to make sure your people are spending their time on the right portions of the journey.”

36:09 - On MongoDB’s future inside a $75 billion market - “The reality is we're a very small percentage player in the overall environment. We have to focus on what is happening really, how do we get to scale?”


Introducing “Billion-Dollar B2B”: The New Revenue and Valuation Paradigm for Today’s Rapidly Growing, Consumer-Like B2B Standouts

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