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Episode 038: Jared Yellin - 10X Your Startup
Episode 3817th January 2022 • Unpolished MBA • Unpolished MBA
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In this episode, I was so excited to speak with Jared Yellin, the founder of 10X Incubator who has set the audacious and revolutionary goal of starting 10,000 tech start-ups in 10 Years. After founding and building the hugely successful marketing platform Synduit, Jared decided to refocus his energies on helping small tech startups achieve launch by creating a unique network of profit-sharing partners who are committed to investing their resources into companies and individuals they truly believe in.

Today 10X Incubator is helping hundreds of tech companies ranging from small African start-ups, to major tech players to launch, capitalize, grow, and eventually sell. The 10X model is based upon shared ownership amongst partners and strives to build companies that take no venture capital infusions leaving them nimble and connected within a shared network of like-minded individuals, team members, and entrepreneurs.

Topics Include:

  • Believing and Executing Bold Ideas
  • Achieving Growth Without Investors
  • Tech Innovation Outside Silicon Valley
  • The Value of Audacious Thinking
  • How Remote Working Forms Global Networks

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