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Musicpreneur: Making Money Making Music™ - Committed Media, LLC 23rd April 2021
Great Musicianship is the Price of Admission, Who's Endorsing Who, Showing vs. Proving and More w/ Bryan Beller!
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Great Musicianship is the Price of Admission, Who's Endorsing Who, Showing vs. Proving and More w/ Bryan Beller!

Hello everyone. This is Jim Lambie. You're about to hear my interview with a bassist who I have derived a lot of positive influences from in terms of not only his playing, but his mindset towards developing his career path.

You're going to hear me use the word tenacious. He's got grit. There's something about the way he carries himself that really had an impact on me when I met him years ago.

This interview is about my curiosity with how people do it, right? I've been a career bassist for 30 plus years. I've had my own business. I keep my business mindset about my own music craft and how I make money doing it. I have great employment opportunities I've been able to take advantage of with my army band experience, and now as a civilian, government employed instructor at the school of music playing bass all day and teaching.

But I'm not done yet. You know what I mean? And really there's so much to learn from others.

And I've got this curiosity. How did they do it? I have so much respect for so many players.

You're going to probably hear a lot of bass players from me for a little while as that's kind of been my niche, but I've run into some really sharp people.

Years ago I reached out to Bryan and I asked him if he'd be interested in teaching at my school for a clinic and we ended up having lunch together at this event. And I just thought, man, this guy is really sharp. And it was more than just being a fine musician, which in the music profession, isn't really special. It's assumed. So what makes somebody special in music business is a lot of other factors. And that is what I'm curious about. And I hope you'll follow along with me in the journey.

And let me know what you think. Reach out to us at musicpreneur.com. Let us know if you think this has been beneficial. You're going to find that this cat has just done a lot of work and he has been really consistent with getting himself out there.

And I hope you enjoy this.

In my conversation with Bryan Beller, you'll hear:

-Why Bryan and his The Aristocrats colleagues didn't use a label to grow their brand...05:03

-Why playing live is the heart and soul of making money making music...07:10

-The only way to do anything? Is the right way...09:02

-Creating a house concert/store clinic business model...11:45

-The four factors of success as a pro musician...14:40

  • Know your craft
  • Execute on demand
  • Be a positive communicative force w/ your band mates
  • Delight your audience (community building)

-Lessons learned from disappointing results...18:32

-What most musicians get wrong when it comes to endorsements...24:02

-Lessons learned from the pandemic experience...28:40

-Sound advice for when things open back up post-pandemic...34:30

Resources mentioned:

Bryan's website

The Aristocrats

D'Addario Strings

Mike Lull Basses

Steve Vai

Joe Satriani

Bass Magazine