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Bring Your Product Ideas to Life - Vicki Weinberg EPISODE 59, 30th April 2021
Selling products and services seamlessly – with Vaness Afful, Made By Pure Hands
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Selling products and services seamlessly – with Vaness Afful, Made By Pure Hands

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Vanessa Afful is an Aromatherapist, Massage Therapist, Natural Product Maker and Mum of one. She officially qualified as an Aromatherapist 8 years ago, but has been making products for her own uses since 2003 and started working on the Made by Pure Hands brand 10 years ago.

Since then she’s spent most of her time on the massage side of her business, based in Bellenden Therapies in Peckham, supporting people with their wellbeing journeys. Her products have always been the heart of her business. But when lockdown came last March, she had the opportunity to really spend time on her product range, and bring them to a whole new market through social media and word of mouth. 

This is such an interesting story and a great example of how a products and service business can work together to complement one another.

Listen in to hear Vanessa share:

  • An introduction to her and her business (1:23)
  • How and why she started to make products using essential oils for her own use (2:09)
  • The stage at which she started selling them (6:29)
  • Why she then trained in massage (08:02)
  • How and why she custom makes all her products at the moment (11:46)
  • How she’s adapted to offer consultations (and create bespoke products) online 14:58)
  • How she finds new clients and markets her products and services (17:16)
  • Some of the benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils (21:19)
  • The time it takes to make up one of her products (24:59)
  • The logistics of creating handmade products with a young child at home (26:53)
  • Her plans and goals for 2021 and beyond (32:02)
  • The split between selling products and offering treatments (33:49)
  • Her number one piece of advice for other product creators (36:32)


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