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"Be The Bird"-Develop Financial Confidence, Optimism and Resilience
Episode 1363rd April 2023 • Hey, Boomer • Wendy Green
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In this episode, Bradley Clark shares how overcoming professional setbacks led him to develop his own resilience and confidence. By embracing these qualities, he was able to bounce back and establish a successful financial planning firm. Clark now seeks to instill relaxed confidence in his clients, helping them through financial anxiety and tough decisions related to retirement planning.

Bradley Clark, founder of Clark Asset Management, is a well-seasoned financial expert with a remarkable background in helping clients prepare for retirement. After co-founding, which was acquired by Monster in 2004, Bradley spent eight years with the Motley Fool, where he developed a program that matched investors with solutions based on their unique needs and preferences.

Holding both a BA from Harvard and a MBA from Stanford, he is among the top 3% of advisors with both the Certified Financial Planner and Retirement Income Certified Professional designations. Bradley's goal is to help pre-retirees achieve relaxed confidence about their financial futures and guide retirees through the deaccumulation phase.

In this episode, we discussed:

1. Ways to strengthen your financial mindset by fostering confidence, resilience, and optimism in financial planning.

2. How to establish a solid foundation for a stable retirement by creating a retirement income floor.

3. Implications of various tax strategies.

4. How to navigate potential financial dangers by balancing optimism with realistic risk assessment tactics.

Episode Takeaways

  1. Take stock of your level of confidence and what can relaxed confidence look like for you?
  2. Stop being ambivalent about financial planning - either do it yourself by educating yourself, or ask for help.
  3. Offer for Podcast listeners: go to Schedule a complimentary conversation with Brad (not a sales call) and he will send you a hardcopy of the book, Be The Bird.

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