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Niall of the Nine Hostages, A Story by Mari Kennedy | S3 Ep14
Episode 143rd May 2023 • KnotWork Storytelling • Marisa Goudy
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Niall of the Nine Hostages was an Irish king and the first sovereign of the powerful Uí Néill dynasty. Mari Kennedy’s telling of the story begins with the birth of Niall, son of a king and an enslaved woman. In the story’s most powerful, enduring element, we meet the Hag the Well, and witness her transformation into the shining Sovereignty Goddess.


Mari Kennedy is a global gatherer of Celtic women, a yoga, breathwork, and embodiment teacher and Sovereign Woman's coach and Mentor.  Six years ago she founded The Celtic Wheel, a global online journey of ritual, myth and practice for women who want to do the sacred work of the feminine. 

Her work weaves ancient esoteric indigenous wisdom with evolutionary modern science in service to the new more beautiful world she believes is emerging. Her passion across all her work is in uniting the opposites and playing the polarities of being human. 

Find Mari at,, and on Instagram: @marikennedywisdom

  • The marriage of the king to the goddess is at the core of the indigenous Irish tradition’s concept of Sovereignty. The marriage of the feminine and masculine in the individual works on the individual as well as the collective cultural level.
  • Mari looks to Carol Gilligan’s definition of patriarchy: it is a way of living that privileges some men over other men and all men over women. Feminism has always been intended to support all people because patriarchy affects everyone in the society.
  • Mari’s story stands in contrast to Marisa’s version of this story (Ireland’s Forgotten Goddess Witch Queen, S1 Ep2) which places Mongfind at the center of the story. Marisa was inspired by Gearóid Ó Crualoich’s Book of the Cailleach 
  • The marriage of the scholarship, the silences, and the intuitive knowing -  and making room for the modern retellings.

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