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7. Meaning Therapy with Dr. Paul Wong
Episode 717th June 2021 • On Meaning • Eugene Leventhal
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The guest this week is Dr. Paul Wong, who is a Professor Emeritus of Trent University and President of the International Network on Personal Meaning. Paul has published across topics relating to meaning related therapies and we touch on his journey getting to the work of Viktor Frankl and logotherapy as a starting point. 

We spent some time talking about how dealing with depression is not an indicator that a person is ‘broken’ or ‘flawed’ and we got into how we can best repurpose that energy and experience to something positive in the end. We also got to talk about the PURE model that Dr. Wong created and talked about Meaning Therapy and how it differs from Existential and other meaning-oriented therapies more broadly. 

Here are some links to learn more about Paul and his work: 

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