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Ep. 221 - Codependency, Addiction + Conscious Uncoupling with Danika Brysha and Billy Haley
Episode 22121st May 2019 • Almost 30 • Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
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Our guests today are Danika Brysha and Billy Haley! Danika is our dear friend and the founder and CEO of Model Meals, as well as a successful model.. Billy is a private chef and the owner of Culinary Recovery Foods. Together, the two toured the United States in 2018 to host The Brunch Series, a workshop style gathering to define and design self-care for each woman in attendance.  Lindsey and Krista had the privilege of attending the series in Boston and were blown away by how Danika’s vulnerability and strength empowered every woman there to take an honest look at where they could be taking better care of their mind, body and spirit.  In our conversation today, we hear from Danika and Billy in the middle of their conscious uncoupling, speaking on how that has been both healthy for their relationship together and incredibly painful at times.. This episode is for those trying to navigate relationships, those struggling to understand loved ones in recovery, for those in relationships where you aren’t sure of the outcome but know you need space, and for human beings who are dying to communicate honestly and openly with those they love most.. We are honored that Danika and Billy  chose our platform to share their experiences and current status


We also talk about:

  • Planning out the Brunch Series
  • Discovering their codependency dynamic
  • Having intuitive hits in the relationship
  • Shame from the past overpowering love from family and friends
  • The importance of doing the work on yourself
  • Mindful masculinity and what it means to Danika and Billy
  • Using energy work and hypnotherapy to heal
  • Recovery steps being applicable to anyone
  • Billy’s relationship with a higher power
  • Having real, honest conversations


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