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My Summer Schedule [Copywriter: A Day in the Life]
22nd June 2022 • Breakthrough Marketing Secrets • Roy Furr
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Today’s episode is very different…

I’m not revealing some big marketing secret.

I’m not sharing any tips for your copywriting career.

None of that.

Instead, I wanted to peel back the curtains and give you a peek at what my summer schedule looks like…

Some things going on right now…

And see what kinds of insights and reflections come out of it.

Seriously, you may not even find this valuable — and if you have to optimize every second, you might want to skip it.

But then again, maybe you’ll appreciate the deeper thinking that comes from talking at this level, instead of just focusing on some marketing tactic.

Today’s episode: My Summer Schedule [Copywriter Life].

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr