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An inside look at Australia’s aquaculture industry
Episode 2023rd December 2021 • RAS Talk • RASTECH MAGAZINE
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Past RAS Talk episodes have had a particular focus on various salmon and trout species because they’re known to be some of the more ‘established’

aquaculture species in Europe and North America. However, globally, barramundi, also known as Asian sea bass, is an aquaculture-established species. Production is

especially established in Australia, where MainStream Aquaculture, said to have the largest warm water aquaculture farm of its type and is also the largest Barramundi

fingerling supplier in Australia and the world, has its five facilities. In the final RAS Talk episode of 2021, Dr. Paul Harrison, co-founder and chief scientist at MainStream

Aquaculture gives listeners a peak into the aquaculture industry in Australia and MainStream Aquaculture’s operations.