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CC: Lets Talk Sex, Stigma Associated with STD's and IV Drug Use W_Shreeta Walden, Sesaion 4- EP8
Episode 819th January 2024 • Common Conversations • "That Guy" Miguel Hampton
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CC: Lets Talk Sex,

Stigma Associated with STD's and IV Drug Use W_Shreeta Walden, Sesaion 4- EP8

Program: This podcast focuses on sexual health and demystifying various topics that impact physical, social, and emotional aspects of intimacy. It was developed to address stigma around sexual topics so that the general public can obtain accurate yet relatable content on a variety of sexual health topics. The theme of this program centers on exploring sex as a quality of life issue.

EP 8 Description: Stigma around HIV is one of the biggest barriers to prevention and treatment of the disease. This episode focuses on understanding why people living with HIV have the ability to engage in healthy intimate relationships. It also highlights how people living with HIV can engage in intimacy without transmitting the disease to their partners or offspring.  

Podcast Host: Miguel Hampton, Riece Hamilton, Dr. Ashley Anderson, Amira Bryant

Podcast Guest: Shreeta Waldon, MA, LCADC Executive Director, Kentucky Harm Reduction Coalition:

 Shreeta Waldon, a mom of two, and a true advocate for her communities, is noted as an expert in the field of substance use and prevention with experience spanning over 16 years. When meeting Shreeta, one may walk away experiencing a sense of hope, love, empathy, as well as accountability, responsibility, and a healthy dose of humility. As a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Shreeta understands the importance and value of leaning into tough conversations as a means to get to the solution. Her passion and drive for all humankind is the fire that gives her the energy to persevere in the face of presumed hopelessness. Shreeta acknowledges that her entire life has been centered around harm reduction. However, the practice of intentional harm reduction became a reality when she accepted the Executive Director role at Kentucky Harm Reduction Coalition. 

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