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Get Better Sleep! With Helen Sernett
Episode 1722nd April 2024 • Calming the Chaos • Tracy Kenela
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Insomnia Causes Chaos! |Interview with Helen Sernett

Today, for the final episode of Season 5, Helen Sernett talks about the remedies she has used to conquer insomnia, improve her energy, and calm her physical and emotional chaos. Helen is a self-proclaimed Sleep Evangelist, and has helped many people calm their insomnia by using “Sleep Lists.” Helen’s interview is timely because Tracy will also be talking about putting Calming the Chaos Podcast down for a nap, and about the future plans for the podcast.

Key Points and Timestamps:

5:00 How Helen got interested in the benefits of getting good sleep

“I had to deserve a good sleep”

Helen left a career in non-profit fundraising to do “Sleep Evangelizing”

7:19: It is important to get good sleep! Here’s why

9:24: What happens if you don’t sleep enough – “You are being a much more risky person if you don’t get enough sleep.” Tracy’s stories about driving while too tired. It’s a safety issue!

Our sleep gives us a better balance of chemicals to be more positive and to get over obstacles.”

13:30 - The critical voice can be turned on with less sleep. If you want to turn off the critical voice, more sleep and quality sleep can help!

14:24: Helen’s method for conquering insomnia: What she’s tried and what works and how Sleep Lists help

17:00: You can create a podcast with your original ideas!

Helen uses Hrz to record her voice in a soothing manner and 60 beats per minute voice pattern

21:00 Learning something new is confidence-building. Website Tour

22:40 Sleep Resources

25:00 Phones and sleep – Your phone can be helpful to you helping you improve and support your goals for sleep

32:00 Helen wants to be there for people to help them be joyful. She also comments on using drugs for sleep

35:00 “If you can….get good sleep and find your way to a deep and restorative sleep without the aid of pharmaceuticals

37:00 Parting thoughts from Helen – “It will help you optimize your true self!” “Sleep is LIFE!”

Links and Resources

Helen’s Podcast with Sleep Lists, Patreon and information about how to contact Helen:

Social Media Links:

LinkedIn: In@helehsernett

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