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Talking to ex-pupil and recording artist Beaux about his rise to fame!
Episode 2828th April 2022 • Life at Hoe Bridge School • Hoe Bridge School
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#028 - Welcome back to Life at Hoe Bridge School, the podcast where we speak to pupils, staff and parents to find out what it’s really like. Every week we’ll be talking to members of the school community to hear real stories of life in the school.

In this episode we are excited to catch up with an alumni of Hoe Bridge school who really is making a name for him self in the music industry. We find out how a cheeky message resulted in him signing for the Dirty Hit label. How he found his style of music and his future plans. We also discover what advice he would give to todays Hoe Bridge Pupils. 

So come with us now as our host, Tracey, takes us into this conversation.

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