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Buried Heroes, Age of Azuria Book One, Chapter Two
Episode 415th April 2021 • The Storyverse of Verdigris • Beth Ball
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Episode fourteen of the World of Azuria podcast takes us deeper into Iellieth's life in Io Keep as she retreats to her room following a confrontation with her mother and stepfather. However, she has a surprise visitor waiting for her! But not even her best friend can prevent the unspooling events of that afternoon.


Hello adventurers,

And welcome to season two, episode four of the World of Azuria podcast. My name is Beth Ball, and I’m the author of the Age of Azuria epic fantasy series, which we’ll be exploring in this show. In some episodes, we’ll be swept away into the magical world of Azuria as I read chapters from the novels and stories. In others, we’ll dive into the lore behind Azuria, and I’ll answer your questions about the world, characters, and more. 

If you enjoy epic fantasy worlds, immersive settings, nature-based magic, and vivid characters, then this podcast is for you. 

In our second season, we’re traveling through Buried Heroes, book one in the Age of Azuria series. This episode covers chapter two, where Iellieth retreats to her room to find her best friend Scad waiting for her. After an exchange of gifts and farewells, Iellieth joins her family for their procession to the Lyceum and transmigration.

To find out what happens next before new episodes release every Tuesday, you can purchase Buried Heroes at or at your favorite book retailer. 

Let’s start our adventure!


Thank you so much for joining me for today’s adventure through Buried Heroes and the world of Azuria. If you’d like to find out more about me or my fiction, you can find me at You can also find my books worldwide at your favorite bookstore or ask your local librarian to add them to the library catalogue. 

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If you’d like to connect with me, you can find me on Instagram @bethballauthor or on Twitter @GroveGuardian.

Today’s episode is sponsored by Song of Parting, a prequel novella for the Age of Azuria epic fantasy series situated between Aurora and Buried Heroes. You can purchase all of the books in the Age of Azuria series, including Song of Parting and Buried Heroes, at or at your favorite bookseller. If you enjoyed our time together today and would like to hear more stories set in Azuria, you can support the podcast on Patreon at Look for the fae and daimon tiers. 

The theme song for this podcast was created by Garrett Rose of The Bardic Inspiration who you can find on instagram or patreon at “thebardicinspiration”. 

Happy travels, and I hope that we’ll be adventuring together again soon!