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Let's Paint Those Cabinets, Part 4
Episode 9206th June 2023 • A Minute at RepcoLite • Dan Hansen
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Last time we talked about the foundational aspect of prep work when you’re tackling any painting project. Let’s get specific with a kitchen cabinet repaint today. I’m Dan Hansen and this is a minute at RepcoLite, sponsored by Benjamin Moore

The first step in prepping your cabinets for paint is to wash them down with a good degreaser. You can use Challenger or Spray Nine–great multi-purpose cleaners we carry. Dawn dish soap would work as well. Wash the cabinets down well, scrub them with a scotchbrite pad–like one of those green scrubbies you’d use for dishes–and rinse them well.

Whether the cabinets are already painted or whether they’re stained and varnished, the next step is to do a scuff sanding. This provides a profile, giving your primer or first coat of paint something to grab onto. Use a 150-180 grit sandpaper and go over the entire cabinet door. You’re not trying to sand through to bare wood here–you’re just dulling the surface down. Once you’ve accomplished that, rinse everything well with clean water and you’re ready for the next step. We’ll get to that next time. I’m Dan Hansen and that’s a Minute at RepcoLite.