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How to Increase the Marketing Value of Your Logo Design
Episode 822nd October 2020 • Business Confidential Now with Hanna Hasl-Kelchner • Business Confidential Now with Hanna Hasl-Kelchner
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Your logo design can provide instant name and product recognition for your business. It’s a very important part of your brand, your marketing and your business strategy. That’s why figuring out what’s truly important in a logo design is so essential to your business growth and prosperity. Today’s guest shares what non-artists need to know about logo design to increase the marketing value of their logo investment.

What You’ll Discover About Logo Design (highlights & transcript):


  • How to know if a particular logo design is right for you. [2:43]
  • Why knowing how and where your logo will be used is critically important. [3:35]
  • The 3 logo design elements you need to know. [5:10]
  • How image color and resolution impact your branding. [7:24]
  • Why the cut rate logo designs are not always the cheapest branding solution. [17:22]
  • The 3 logo design files you should ask for and why you need them. [16:37]
  • Tips for selecting a graphic designer. [26:16]
  • And much more.

Guest: Abby Greene

Abby Greene is a gifted artist and graphics designer and the Founder of Abby Graphics. She has a Bachelor of Arts from The American University in Washington, DC and a gazillion years of experience in design, having worked as a paste-up artist at a full -service advertising agency, an Assistant Art Director at a financial advertising agency, and a Senior Designer at a very large retail advertising.

Her work has been featured on every type of advertising media you could imagine, even billboards and TV. She also taught advanced design at Seton Hall University before starting her own successful graphic design company, Abby Graphics nearly 30 years ago.

She now designs a wide range of products that go well beyond logos, including business cards and letterhead, promotional brochures and flyers, corporate reports, catalogues, social media banners, e-books, web art, and much more.

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