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Are Today's Pedals Too Weird?
Episode 868th May 2023 • Dipped In Tone • Dipped in Tone
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Rhett and Zach are rolling old school. No guests today, just our two hosts, chatting about all things gear and tone. Today, the guys are talking about modern pedals.

These days, pedals are getting weirder and more complicated than we could have ever imagined, even just a few years ago, as loads of new models draw inspiration from modular synthesis, drum machines, and big leaps in technology.

Some pedals make things more complicated—with buttons on buttons, operating systems that need updates, and user interfaces that are both unique and sometimes confusing—while others may help you simplify your rig—imagine a distortion pedal with an LFO that might replace your need for a separate tremolo unit. Basically, there are few limits on what you can do with a pedalboard if you’re willing to do a deep dive. And if you can’t find a pedal that does what you want, it might be on the way.

But our hosts have differing opinions. Rhett is down to do a deep dive on options, while Zach likes to keep things a little simpler. They suss out their differences and share their own takes, with shout-outs to Chase Bliss, Beetronics, Acorn, and Intensive Care Audio. They also discuss what they think is coming next in pedal and guitar design, and what they’d like to see come along (guitars using control voltage, please).

Later, they dip a rig based around a cool Eastman that catches Rhett’s eye, and a Line 6 HX Effects. With key pieces from Fender, Gibson, Boss, and more, what could be improved?

In shill mode, Zach hypes his Two-Rock Joey Landreth head, and Rhett is all-in on his Chase Bliss Mood.

Rhett and Zach want to know which guests you’d like to see! Post your requests in the comments on YouTube to help them brainstorm future episodes.

01:12 Zach Gets to Met His Hero

02:49 Positron Collider

03:52 Update on Rhett's Studio Build and New Music

05:05 A Challenge?

06:45 Are Guitar Pedals Getting Too Weird?

09:10 Mythos' New Chorus Prototype

09:41 Josh Smith's POLY Overdrive

11:42 Empress ZOIA

31:45 Chase Bliss Mood MkII

39:14 Beetronics

40:02 Acord Solid State

41:50 Intensive Care Audio Fideleater

42:10 Westerland Boost

42:57 Final Thoughts on Weird Pedals

47:55 Time to Dip a Rig

58:07 Shill of the Week

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