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Be Authentic Even When It's Hard- Don't Let the World Change You -101
Episode 10125th June 2024 • THE GRIT SHOW • Shawna Rodrigues
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Join us this week on The Grit Show for a journey into the essence of authenticity and self-expression. Using delightful anecdotes, including the unique dynamics between her cats, Meiko and Hobbes (whom by the way has been with Robie for 13 years- apparently the 8 year mark from the start of their relationship is what stuck in Shawna's mind!), Shawna uncovers how we often change ourselves based on others' reactions.

Come reflect on your own experiences with Shawna’s thought-provoking narrative, especially when she reveals a pivotal moment from her life about not sharing exciting news due to fear of others' responses. She shares insights on maintaining personal values and boundaries, stressing the importance of showing up fully as ourselves. We are all on this journey of self care and personal growth together. Engage with Shawna's self-reflection tips and discover how to shine your brightest while embracing your true authentic self. This episode is a must-listen for anyone striving to live authentically and navigate life's pressures with grace.

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Shawna Rodrigues left her award-winning career in the public sector in 2019 and after launching The Grit Show, soon learned the abysmal fact that women hosted only 27% of podcasts. This led to the founding of the Authentic Connections Podcast Network intent on raising that number by 10% in five years- 37 by 27. Because really, shouldn’t it be closer to 50%? She is the Director of Impact for the network, which offers full-service support for podcasting from mentoring to production. In September 2023 they are also launching the EPAC (Entrepreneurs and Podcasters Authentically Connected) community for those in early stages and wanting a place for weekly connection. She still finds a little time for her pursuits as a best-selling author and shares the hosting of Author Express, a podcast that features the voice behind the pages of your favorite book. Find her on Instagram- @ShawnaPodcasts and learn more about the network and other happenings at

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