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Traffic Sources: Don't Have All Your Eggs in One Basket
Episode 6631st January 2022 • Podcast Monetization Secrets • Christy Haussler
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It's easy to forget how easy we can become lazy in our businesses. It's happened to me and it's probably happened to you.

We think that once we get a funnel live that it's easy to just drive some cold traffic to it from Facebook or other ad sources and we'll have money rolling in quickly. That's not exactly how it works, and today I am sharing a cautionary tale of my FB account suspension.

I've been a model Facebook user and never had any warnings or suspensions. I've never been in Facebook jail, and I work hard to make sure I conform to all of their standards.

However, that all changed on Christmas Day, and in the last month, I've lost thousands of dollars and dozens of hours trying to get my account reinstated.

As if turns out, Facebook has non-existent support. It's super frustration, and I'm sharing my story so you don't get blindsided like I did.

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