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Seeking Sustainability LIVE Talkshow - jjwalsh / InboundAmbassador EPISODE 266, 29th June 2021
Vaccine WaitList Coding Project for Japan's International Community | LaShawn Toyoda

Vaccine WaitList Coding Project for Japan's International Community | LaShawn Toyoda

LaShawn Toyoda is a programmer in Tokyo who created the Find-a-Doc open-source database on June 13th, 2021 to help international residents seeking out information and places to sign up to utilize disused Covid19 vaccinations so they wouldn't go to waste. https://www.findadoc.jp/

LaShawn Toyoda has only just started her career as a programmer transitioning from her first 10 years working in Japan as an English teacher, but in 2020 she felt she had to leave her teaching job that insisted on face-to-face teaching during the Covid19 pandemic. She felt it was too much of a risk to herself, her husband and young child at home.

LaShawn was accepted to the 3-month intensive Code Chrysalis bootcamp and threw herself into a whole new career. I spoke with the founder Yan Fan here: https://youtu.be/f_ycCjhaCwM

The FindADoc database is an amazing initiative which now has hundreds of thousands of users, covers over 60 clinics across Japan and is available in 17 languages!

Please support LaShawn's passion project with a donation to her KoFI account to keep her stocked up with coffees and pizza while she dedicates hours after work and once her toddler goes to sleep to manage and update this database. https://www.findadoc.jp/about

Read the transcript of this talk and find out more about FindADoc and LaShawn Toyoda's initiative on InboundAmbassador: http://www.inboundambassador.com/multilingual-vaccination-database-findadoc/

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