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Welcome & Killing the Victim Consciousness
Episode 8422nd June 2022 • Drop Into The Härt • Joe Hawley
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Welcome to the first episode of this rebranded podcast, Drop Into the Härt! In this episode, Joe dives into his personal journey through the NFL and how that has led him to the new path he is on today. He also breaks down what we can learn from the “victim consciousness”…  How we can move beyond our limiting stories by communicating wit (rather than being consumed by) the voice in our heads and choosing to listen to our hearts 


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If You Enjoy This Show Please Subscribe and Give Us a 5-Star Rating ★★★★★ and Review on Apple Podcasts


Join host Joe Hawley, founder of The Härt Collective, as he drops you into the heart. With a mix of valuable solocasts, inspirational guests and regular check-ins with co-founder Ben Harris, this show will provide you with powerful insights to help support you on your journey towards personal transformation, growth and healing. 


Joe is a former NFL athlete whose passion lies in supporting the evolution and awakening of humanity. After retiring from the NFL in 2017, he went on a journey of self-discovery and healing that proved to be the catalyst for the work he’s been called to do in the world. He founded The Härt Collective in 2020 with one question in mind: how do we facilitate healing at scale? In his experience, being a part of a strong, supportive community is the key. 


Join the growing community of individuals who are ready to usher in a more beautiful world. Let’s learn, grow and connect as we continue to ask the right questions and support each other in our individual and collective evolution. 


Inspirations for the show include Aubrey Marcus, Russell Brand, Duncan Trussell, Zach Bush, Jesse Elder, Deepak Chopra, Tim Kennedy and so many more. 


Special thanks to my podcast producer, Graham Dern for being the creative talent behind the music heard in this episode!