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Ep. 43: Gregg Clunis – Making Tiny Leaps Towards Your Dreams
Episode 431st June 2016 • Chasing Dreams with Aimee J. • Aimee J.
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Gregg Clunis is very connected to the concept of embracing change in order to create your ideal life. His podcast, Tiny Leaps, Big Changes is all about embracing a new perspective in order to take steps towards improving your life. Gregg’s journey to success in personal development came out of the frustration he felt about existing personal development resources and his desire to give people access to something that could truly help make a shift. In this chat with Aimee J., Gregg talks about everything from college to entrepreneurship to success as a podcaster - and beyond. He shares his goals for the show, how he finally found freedom by following his dreams, and the book that changed everything for him, at the young at of 13.

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Realizing you can create the life you want.

Gregg wasn’t your typical kid. He always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur, he just wasn’t sure what area it would be in. Gregg shares the moment that changed everything for him: when his brother handed him a book at the beginning of the summer and told him to have it finished by the time school started. The book? Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins. At the age of 13, Gregg not only read the book, but also was profoundly impacted by it. Gregg shares how this book opened up a world of possibilities to him and made him realize he could create whatever kind of life he wanted.

The power of not giving up on your dreams.

Gregg goes on to discuss his college experience and how he ended up changing his major multiple times in search of the right “fit” for him. He went from marketing to IT to economics to a few other things before settling on Art as his final major. Gregg talks about the issues he had with each of the previous majors and why art seemed to fit with his goals as an entrepreneur. He also talks about how it helped him with his first job out of college and why it was the right choice for him. Gregg offers insight into his first attempt at entrepreneurship and the subsequent failure of the first business, followed by taking another leap of faith less than a year later. He also talks about why the last attempt worked and how important it is to keep trying until you can make it work.

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Tiny steps lead to very large changes in the future.

The concept behind Gregg’s podcast was born out of frustration he felt within the personal development industry. He talks about what he thinks was missing in the industry and why his show, Tiny Leaps, Big Changes fills that void. Gregg talks specifically about a book he was reading that he felt particularly frustrated with and how it lead to the creation of the show during a train ride with his girlfriend. Today, he releases a new show 7 days a week with topics ranging from fitness to meditation to fear to asking for help. Gregg goes on to share how connecting with his audience helps him formulate show topics.

Connecting with your audience to help them make big changes.

Gregg is clearly all about helping people - and one truly unique way he does that is by having chats with his audience each week. He talks about why he opens himself up to 15 minute phone calls with anyone that wants to talk, and why that’s helped him come up with show topics that truly resonate with people. Gregg also shares insight into his main goal with the show: getting people to have a new perspective on things. In closing, Gregg shares his top tips for fellow dream chasers, including a book and a tiny leap that can lead to big changes in your life.

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  • [1:22] Aimee’s introduction of today’s guest, Gregg Clunis.
  • [2:03] Were you always into video production?
  • [4:10] What were your original career goals?
  • [7:05] What was your degree in college?
  • [12:14] Do you have any regrets about your college experience?
  • [12:51] Gregg’s path immediately following college.
  • [16:19] Gregg’s first attempt at entrepreneurship and how he finally made it work.
  • [22:24] What led to your podcast, “Tiny Leap, Big Changes”?
  • [26:55] How do you come up with your podcast topics?
  • [30:02] Reactions from Gregg’s audience and how his tips have changed their life.
  • [34:33] One thing you’d recommend to someone who is chasing their dreams.


BOOK: So Good They Can’t Ignore You

Keep a journal - it’s a tiny leap that leads to big changes.


Tiny Leaps, Big Changes Podcast

Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins


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