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Podcast Pontifications - Evo Terra EPISODE 211, BONUS EPISODE, 16th August 2019
Podcast Movement 2019 - A Little Hoarse & A Lot Of Awesome [Episode 211 Bonus C]

Podcast Movement 2019 - A Little Hoarse & A Lot Of Awesome [Episode 211 Bonus C]

Podcast Movement 2019 Day Three:

You still have one day to meet me for coffee, lunch, breakfast, or whatever! Hit me on Twitter or send me an email. Let's get together this Podcast Movement!

Even though my voice crapped out -- I hope I'm not getting sick, but I probably am -- I'm back with another recap of another fantastic day at Podcast Movement 2019. Here's who I had great conversations with today:

Jijo and Aleesha from BuyMeACoffe.com/evoterra. No, they didn't make that just for me. In fact, that's not even how I first met Jijo. But that's what happens when you understand product/market fit, and he's back to a product that does work. And yeah, I'm trying it!

I caught up with Andrea and her brother John of Andrea Sager Law. They're helping podcasters protect their IP with trademark protection services, something many podcasters -- big and small -- fail to think about. And I'm guilty of it too!

Alban was very gracious with his time, explaining to me Buzzsprout's approach to the market. I really love that they're making podcasting better by "down-coding" audio files to podcast-appropriate steps, even if their customer accidentally(?) upload uncompressed .wav files!

I downloaded the Flick app some time ago, but didn't immediately get the value. Spending a few minutes with Andy changed that, and now I have an app-based chat group for Podcast Pontifications listeners. You can have one too... and it's free!

Hindenburg Journalist Pro is the editing tool we use for engineering our client's shows (and this one!). There was one feature that I wondered if I fully understood. After chatting with Nick, it was clear that I hadn't grokked the full usage. But good news: I didn't need to! Stellar support.

I rarely conduct interviews, and most of my clients pull their interviewees from their own personal contact list. So I'd never considered much the need for services like Interview Valet. But after talking with Karen for a few minutes, I really saw the value. And did I mention her service is free for podcasters looking for guests?

Podbean is another company I thought I knew all about. You'll recognize this tune by now: I was wrong. Jennifer shared with me the great things they are doing to enable internal corporate communications -- a big part of their business!

It's always great to catch up with Chris and Josh from the Podcast Engineering School. If you really want to step up your game behind the board, these guys know what they are doing.

I've known Paul Colligan -- long time podcast consultant -- for almost as long as I've been podcasting. But what I didn't know until today was his methodology of getting businesses on the path to successful podcasting. I had no idea the Podcast Partnership was so comprehensive!

If you forced me to pick one company that's leading the charge in advancing podcasting, I'd have a tough time not picking RadioPublic. I've been talking with Joshua for years now, and it was good to put a name to a face. But I also got a chance to meet Jake, Nicola, and Chris, spending a little time with each to learn more about how they are actively working to make podcasting better. Fabulous! 

Spotify certainly wins for the most impressive booth at the show, and Rollie was kind enough to spend some time with me. Not surprisingly, he didn't divulge any of Spotify's upcoming plans. But I was surprised that the tech team for Spotify's podcast initiative is based out of Mesa, AZ! That's just a few miles away. I wonder if I can get a tour? Probably not.

Mattia from Voxnest started to catch me up on all the things their company has going on. Talk about a wide net that goes beyond what we think of as podcasting!

And of course, I always enjoy my time with Zach and Rock from Squadcast (seriously, why would you use any other remote recording solution?) and Mark and Kieran from Rebel Base Media (who work the lovely Lucy and Sam way too hard!) (DISCLAIMER: I'm on the advisory board for one of Rebel Base Media's products, Captivate.)

... but even with all of that, I still haven't made it to all the vendors I want to see. So I guess that means a bonus bonus episode coming tomorrow?