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Define U Radio - Valencia Griffin-Wallace EPISODE 10, 11th March 2020
DUR 243 | Cut The Chaos and Manage Your Life with Janet Taylor (Self Reflection Series)
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DUR 243 | Cut The Chaos and Manage Your Life with Janet Taylor (Self Reflection Series)

Most people are always on the move. Whether time is spent with work, school, chores or parenting, there just seems to not be enough time in the day. When there are so many tasks on your worklist, how are we supposed to get ahold of our day-to-day lives? How can you make time for your goals? If you are ready to evaluate what you can do better, listen carefully to this show! Pens and paper ready!

About Guest Janet Taylor
Janet Taylor is the owner of Totally Organized, LLC. She is the author of 101 secrets of Living an Organized Life. She was a guest on the Rachel Ray Show in 2018 and was crowned the ‘Clutter Free Queen’ by Peter Walsh. She publishes a monthly newsletter titled “Totally Organized Living” and she produces and hosts a podcast called, “Got Clutter, Get Organized.”  Since childhood, Janet has been organized and for over twenty-five years has been helping clients create space to attract more money, love, and happiness. 

Website: www.janetmtaylor.com
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/organizerjanet/

Class is in session notes

  • What is the easiest way to begin to organize your life?
  • Is pre-planning beneficial to time management and organization?
  • Where does ‘me time’ fit in when your schedule is planned out daily?

Session Homework

Time! Take out a piece of paper and list out the things you do in a twenty-four-hour period. How much extra time does your daily task take up in your day?  #Accountable

What did you learn from today's session? Let us know! 

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