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Jack Pyros with Momentum Groups
14th February 2024 • The Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie • The Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie
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Industrial Talk is onsite at PowerGen and talking to Jack Pyros, President of Momentum Groups about "Electric Vehicle charging innovation - where you need it, when you need it".  Here are some of the key takeaways from our conversation:
  • EB PowerPod technology with industry professional Jack Pyros. 0:03
    • Scott MacKenzie interviews Jack Pyros about EV PowerPod at Power Gen 24 in New Orleans.
  • Electric vehicle charging solutions and their benefits. 1:33
    • Jack, the President of Momentum Groups, discusses EV Power Pods, a solution that utilizes a generator running on propane or renewable propane to power both level two AC and DC chargers for electric vehicles.
    • Jack provides historical context on the growth of electric vehicles in the US, particularly in states like Michigan, New Jersey, and New York, which are converting to EVs at a rapid pace.
  • Electric vehicle charging infrastructure for last mile delivery. 4:05
    • Manufacturers of electric vehicles want to showcase their products to big customers, but face challenges such as lack of charging infrastructure.
    • Mac's Electric Vehicles, a class 6 electric refuse vehicle manufacturer, helps customers find charging solutions for their operations.
    • Jack discusses the potential for EV charging stations to be strategically located in areas with high demand for delivery services, such as behind parking lots of popular retail stores.
    • The EV charging stations, called "EV Power Pods," can be easily moved and relocated as delivery routes change, allowing for optimal placement and efficiency.
  • Electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. 8:04
    • Jack discusses the different scenarios for electric vehicle (EV) charging, including using a skid or trailer with a charging station, and converting a truck to run on propane with an EV charger.
    • Jack emphasizes the importance of having a predictable route for EVs, as customers need to know how far they can drive before needing to charge.
    • Jack predicts that electric vehicles (EVs) will become the norm in the next 5-10 years, with some manufacturers already committing to an all-electric product lineup.
    • Jack shares an example of charging 65 Mercedes vehicles for 11 days using a mobile charging unit, highlighting the feasibility of EVs for long-distance travel.
  • LinkedIn and industrial talk podcast. 13:12
    • Jack Pyros is the founder of Momentum Groups, delivering Mad, Mad solutions in the world of EVs.
    • Jack has a LinkedIn profile and is active on the platform, providing contact information for industrial professionals to connect with him.
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Welcome to the Industrial Talk podcast with Scott Mackenzie. Scott is a passionate industry professional dedicated to transferring cutting edge industry focused innovations and trends while highlighting the men and women who keep the world moving. So put on your hard hat, grab your work boots, and around


once again, thank you very much for joining Industrial Talk and your continued support of a platform that is ever expanding. It's an ecosystem that's expanding its professional footprint. It's the first time I use that. I kinda like it, I'm gonna steal it. I can steal it because I just said it. And we celebrate industry professionals all around the world because they were bold, brave, you dare greatly you solve problems and you innovate so that you are making the world a better place. We are broadcasting from PowerGen 24. New Orleans, Louisiana is the location and it's chock full of problem solvers in the power industry, a lot of incredible solutions. And of course, I've been just sort of hunkered down in the salt mine so I haven't been able to go from booth to booth but I will, because I get geeky about this. You know, hotseat? Jack, how do you see your last name?




That's pretty doggone cool. We're gonna be talking about EV powerpod. So let's get cracking. Right here. I got the handout. Right here. See right there. And it's cool. It's gonna on a cool truck and everything. But before we get into that conversation, Jack, give us a little background. Are you able to get conference? We're


having a great conference. A lot of interest. Were meeting not only US based companies, but global companies a lot of interest in Evie charging, which we'll talk a little bit about our solution runs on propane and renewable propane.


See, there's that renewable propane. Like, all right, give us background on who Jack is.


So I'm with momentum groups where the manufacturer's rep for EV Power Pods. I'm the president of the company. We've been. He's


the cheese. The cheese, go ahead.


een in fleet management since:


No way. That's pretty cool. See, he's the president. He knows these things. I'm just still I'm, I'm sort of looking at the statute of this thing. So it's pretty cool. Tell us Jack, what is Evie Power Pods? What is it?


So Evie Power Pods, we started to work with this manufacturer, probably about four and a half years ago. And they came up with a solution where we're utilizing a generator that runs on propane or renewable propane, which by the way, is cleaner than your standard grid grid meaning electric electric power. And it powers both level two. So AC and DC, Evie chargers. So the level two The AC is like your overnight kind of chargers. Your DC is going to be like your 20 Minute deal where you pull up and you get a zap right? Oh, okay. Don't get zapped.


Yeah, don't. Not a good health thing. But why is this important? What's what's why? Why is this needed in the world? I see resilience. I see. He's given me handouts. And I have to look at them. And you don't need the handouts. I know I'm getting all distracted by the handouts because like, it has a cool truck. And then you have a good, cool skid.


Right? So I'll give you a little bit of what's the Eevee part history there. So electric vehicles. And as we know, there's a big push towards zero emissions. And we're seeing a lot of activity not just not just in California, believe it or not, Michigan is in the top 10 states of converting to EVs. The quickest states include Michigan, Florida, Texas, up in your northeast New Jersey, New York, those kind of areas. So people who do you know where this is becoming important is for starters, the manufacturers of electric vehicles want to go show their big customers, take them to shows like this. One, I want to go and do the dog and pony with these electric vehicles and start to get their pre orders before they go into production. And they find when they take it to a customer, they don't have anywhere to charge. So how do they even test out the equipment. So that's kind of where it started for us as the manufacturer's rep. That's where we've had our initial success has been big OEMs that are procuring these so that they can take them around the country and show their electric vehicles and hand them off to a customer let them drive them for a week and not have a problem finding power. Okay, so that's kind of where it


starts. Yeah, because that's that's not a good thing to have, because that's the first thing that would come to mind is like, Okay, I got it. I don't want to be in Timbuktu. I want to be able to sort To ensure that I can enjoy the product and not worry about where I have to go, right.


So let's say next Mac's a good example Mac is making a class six electric vehicle. And it's big in refuse for move, you know, taking picking up garbage, but they don't like me to use that word. So it's a refuse vehicle. But it can also be a box truck, a flatbed and that kind of thing. So there's somebody that we've we've worked with. So the next step is they have a customer and they say, Okay, give me 20 of these electric vehicles, I want to order 20. So they start to look into how do I get power. So there's a couple of scenarios, they may not have power available to that capacity at their, at their operation. Or it may take two, three years, which is real common. In most states, right now, it also might be millions of dollars for that investment. And lastly, they may not even own their own building. So they may be leasing it. And now you've got this complication, where is the landlord going to put that investment, you know, maybe you renew your lease for five or seven years, but million dollar investment? Do they really want to put a bunch of chargers and Karva cut up their parking lot. So that's part of it. So that's one particular scenario that where it's really popular, the other is going back to like your, your last mile delivery, which you order something from Home Depot, or Amazon or whomever and it gets delivered to your door that's not going away. So some of these EVs under full load can't get through the work day. Can't make it the whole day. So they need a mid day charge, they need a hub, they need support. So this mobile unit is off grid, we can deliver it, it's working on day one, we can monitor the generator that runs on the propane, and renewable propane. And we also can monitor the Evie chargers that are on board. And we have a whole slew of configurations, which


I would imagine, and correct me if I'm wrong with that. I I agree with that. 100% That is just do you in in the Amazon analogy, the use case with Amazon? Can you strategically locate these assets, these Eevee Power Pods in a way that optimizes their delivery? Routine? Yes. And


that's the beauty I was gonna say, Now expand upon


that a little bit.


So we have to give you a little bit of a picture of what the product line looks like. So we have skids that's almost like an ocean container. With you fork it, you can lift it and move it around. So that's like a semi permanent, so you literally could go run out some parking spots behind Applebee's, whoever has plenty of parking, maybe it's Home Depot, which is a great, a great opportunity, right? Where you go get your own little piece of land, but they can strategically lay these wherever they want in route. And as their routes change. They can pick it up and move. See that's just that's part of the beauty and you know, the routes change demand products, they they're constantly optimizing their their delivery routes. So that's one. So cool. So the skid version has that we also have a trailer and that is able to be pulled by like a half ton truck. It's just basically the same thing but on wheels. And then I think you've seen the truck here, which I'll talk a little bit about that as well. I


haven't I've been in the salt mine here. Okay, okay, sorry. So


all three scenarios, whether it's pulled by its own truck connected to it, and it's called an up fit we where we put the the solution on the back of it a trailer or a skid. We have solutions from 30 kilowatts up to 360 kilowatts. So your 360 is going to be like your Tesla Supercharger. And we are charger agnostic. So we can put different brands of chargers on board if we choose or if the customer has a preference. And so those are the various sizes that go on the skid trailer and the truck where the truck is unique is that we have to prove to particular manufacturers today and we also can do this with Ford and, and GM but we've got the Chevy cab over and the Isuzu cab over it's essentially the same vehicle. And it's converted to propane as well.


I was getting ready to I was gonna say it's defeats the purpose of what you're trying to do if that's not if that thought is not brought into the actual vehicle itself. Correct.


So we do a conversion. Now you have a truck powered by propane with a EV charger powered by propane. And he can go you know, Jim from perc, our friends at propane education resource Council, that's where we're at at our booth. He was driving yesterday down down the freeway, checking it out so you can take it anywhere and move it around the country if you need to.


That always just sort of, you know, for me, I always had the question and said okay, EVS great fine, they're cool. They're fast. They Whatever, all the things that you like about it. And I always came to the point I said, but the infrastructure needs to be built out. Because I would always be worried about, well, I'm, I'm in the, I'm in the panhandle of Florida, I don't know where there's a charger, and I don't want to, you get the picture. And this is sort of the way it. This is interest. Let


me elaborate on that a little bit. Elaborate, didn't it. So what you're seeing and why there's the big push on work trucks is what we talked about earlier. It's a predictable route. So when we talk to our customers, and they say, tell me about these electric vehicles, we talk about what's your typical day like? So if you have sometimes surprises and you don't have the mileage, the range of that and then vehicle? Absolutely, it may not be the best choice, right? So there's predictable routes. So that's why you're gonna see your white trucks and vans. Class one through seven is really where the bread and butter is today, as the technology keeps advancing, which it is, they're starting to move into other types of batteries that there isn't the mining, and, you know, polluting of things quite like the lithium. So there's solid state and some other technologies that are green to make the batteries. But in addition to that, just like your TVs back 10 years ago, they just keep changing, these battery packs now are getting, they're becoming more condensed, and the ranges are getting longer, how far the car can go on a charge. And they're also the life of the battery is increasing. So there's already companies coming out with a 400 mile range vehicle. So now you're worried about, you know, driving from Cleveland, Chicago, you might have to stop once, or maybe you don't have to stop at all. Yeah, so that's going to continue to change. And that's where I think the everyday consumer will will transition right now. It's really kind of like retired people that are gone to lunch or the or to golf, right. They know what they're doing every day. And they're not going very far. Or you've got your fleets that are that have the predictable routes. So that's where the big impact


got a Norwegian company right here. Okay, right across the way. In Norway, they're going to be 100% Eevee by next year. Wow. They will not sell this that we have ever they're just it's just an interesting transition. Right? What do you see it going? I mean, what's the I mean, this is all great and dandy, and and wonderful, which is fantastic. What do you see the next sort of sell will to drop? Well, future thing,


there's already the commitment. We've done some events. So we did the Masters last year for Mercedes, and we used our EV Power Pod and we charged 65 Mercedes that they give out to the VIPs. And the pros. We kept those charged for 11 days with our mobile unit. We parked it over at a school, and we were in business. So they doubled down and they're telling us that in a few years, they already have their whole product lineup is it's an electric now, I'm talking sedans, every every class Mercedes and all their crossovers. So they're telling us in a couple years they will not have a gas vehicle. So we're hearing that from other manufacturers, so I see it going no matter what happens with the election. I see EVs being I must


have missed the the invitation at Masters for YP.


were invited back so I'll meet you there. Oh, for the vehicle. Yeah. I don't know if I can arrange that.


Yeah, I was just thinking I'm sure I missed it in the mail. Jack, how do people get ahold of you?


Momentum And that's groups within us. You can reach out I've got a great group that'll set up a talk or a call or a zoom call or visit depending on what you want to talk about cool stuff. So keep us in mind momentum. And


are you out on LinkedIn?


I am on LinkedIn. Good.




I mean, I have seen it does that for me to be honest. If you search my name, Jack Pyros. I'm right on LinkedIn. Yes, sir. Very active. We're actually posting on the show, our booth and everything. So check us out.


You're the first one. Congratulations. You're the first one that somebody says. I have somebody else do that. Well, I gotta focus.


Yeah, that's why I'm sitting in front of you. I gotta be here. Yeah, gotcha. I can't be His name


is Jack. He has somebody else doing his LinkedIn account. But that's okay. He's out there. So we're gonna have all the contact information for Jack when He delivers his business card to out on Industrial Talk. So you'll be able to get a hold of Jack ASAP so thank you very much for joining. We're gonna wrap it up on the other side. So stay tuned. We will be right back.


You're listening to the Industrial Talk Podcast Network.


Jack is his name. Momentum Groups is the organization, the company delivering Mad, Mad salute shins in the world of EB. So here's a little story went over to the propane booth while at PowerGen, put that on your calendar and saw one of their rigs. Yeah, it's impressive. It's great to see it, touch it, feel it, you know, move things around. It's out there. They're doing it. Momentum group, Jack. All right, we're gonna have all that contact information out there on Industrial Talk. So you'll be able to connect with them. See them? See the great stuff. All right, building the platform right here, Industrial Talk. It celebrates you, industrial professionals. amplify your voice, get that message out, bring in new opportunities. That's what this is all about. That's what Industrial Talk is all about. You have to succeed. That's why we're here. We want you to succeed and we're going to do everything we can. So educate, collaborate, innovate, right here. Be bold, be brave. They're greatly hanging out with Jack changed the world. We're going to have another great conversation shortly.



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