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Throwback Week 1 - Secrets of Power Couples
Episode 1072nd August 2023 • The Untamed Life • Christine Jewell
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"True freedom comes from within"

For the next two weeks on The Untamed Life, I’m gearing up for my upcoming relationship workshop, Mastering the Art of Communication, with throwback clips from some of my most popular episodes.

This week contains highlights from:

  • Episode 28: Power Couple Secrets + DIVINE union
  • Let’s define what a POWER COUPLE really is
  • Episode 30: Overcoming Saviour Complex + EMPOWERING each other
  • One simple tool to separate yourself from a savior complex
  • Episode 48: Is LOVE enough? Let’s Talk Honor, Respect + Behavior
  • How to get to the true SOURCE of love + stop relying on others for it

God designed you for a THRIVING marriage. Are you ready to elevate your relationship to the next level? Join me on August 11 for the Relationship Mastery - Art of COMMUNICATION 1/2 day workshop. RSVP now [] to break down communication barriers that limit our God-given ability to CREATE + MULTIPLY within the relationships in our lives.


To learn more about private or group coaching, apply here.

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