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Business without Bullsh-t - Oury Clark EPISODE 31, 24th February 2021
EP 31 - Uncensored: "Unfortunately, white tourists in China are bad people"
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EP 31 - Uncensored: "Unfortunately, white tourists in China are bad people"

This week on Business Without Bullsh-t, we take a look back at the month’s episodes to round up some of our favourite moments in conversation with Richard Celm of Startupbootcamp Australia and Entrepreneur Tom Graham .. but with a bit of a twist ..

We’ve put them together with new, unheard parts of the conversations where you'll hear Tom speak about his experiences living in China, what learnt about the Chinese way of life and the differences between eastern and western cultures. He also talks more about his time working at Harvard, its social structures and gives comparisons to education in Australia. Richard also dives deeper into Crowd Funding and which sectors are the most appealing in Australia as well as giving tips on the best and cheapest investment platforms on the market today.

As always, we get straight to the point, minus the bullsh-t, so pull up a chair and press play.

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