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Why your kid’s new best friend should be a robot
Episode 1518th April 2023 • There's A Device For That • Esper
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Phil Duffy is the Chief Product Officer of Embodied, a groundbreaking robotics and AI company that's changing the face of human-centric care and wellness. In this episode, Phil shares the incredible work that Embodied is doing with their language-based robots to support children in overcoming social and emotional challenges. He discusses how his passion for robotics led him to focus on a unique mission, rather than simply chasing the latest tech trend. He shares valuable insights on how to get into the minds of customers and how to design technology that's truly adaptable to the real world. Please not this episode deals with topics around mental health and assisted suicide.

  • 5:20 - What does Embodied do
  • 8:30 - The upcoming rise of a ubiquitous hardware stack for robotics 
  • 13:35 - The importance of understanding user needs in product development 
  • 16:00 - How the Moxie companion robot works
  • 22:20 - Benefits kids have seen using Moxie
  • 26:00 - The future of Moxie and Embodied
  • 33:50 - Where to learn more about Embodied

There’s A Device For That is hosted by Sudhir Reddy, SVP of Engineering, of Esper. For more about Esper, visit us.

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